Monthly Archives: July 2011

from rambles

…Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter, Delphia Blize is unlikely ever to be as famous as Mitchell has been, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve as much attention — a lot — as this stunning CD should bring her, or at least would in a just world. Listening to West River on a number of occasions until I […]

little bitty webs

Over the weekend I went to state park with my dog, feeling rattled for no real reason, but knowing I needed to be out in a quiet field with Forrest. After walking a while I came to a patch of sunlight and my body said this is a good place to sit, so I plunked […]

old endings, new beginnings

I’m so happy to be putting the finishing touches on the CD that has involved seven years, four states, two amazing producers, and fourteen musicians. It’s hard to even put into words all the blessings that have come across my path and pulled everything into place. At every turn I want to thank producers Darren […]

from common folk music

Rise & Review Shine Monday: Rebecca Pronsky and Delphia Blize This week I’m featuring a couple of albums that have caught my ear…Minneapolis singer-songwriter, Delphia Blize, has self-released her debut album West River which features contributions from musicians like Jonathan Kingham (Shawn Colvin, David Wilcox), John Munson (Semisonic, Trip Shakespeare), Jacqueline Ultan (Jelloslave) and Darren […]

from kevin elliot

West River from Delphia Blize was one of my favorite surprises of the past year. It has that nice independent sound that plants a foot in both folk & rock, & I love her voice. I played it over & over. – Kevin Elliot, host of From The Joshua Tree Inn on 90.1FM, IL