Tin Bins!

I love TinBins in Stillwater. First, they have many gluten-free yummies and good, quality food made with luv. Second, they have good wine and beerz. Last, they are managed by Lars – who is always good for a dose of serious good vibes and has a smile like a Christmas tree! Also managed by his fine lady, who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, but hope to soon! Like maybe Friday when we play?

Friday, December 20th
6:00 – 9:00pm
TinBins, 413 East Nelson Street Stillwater MN
In the big silver grain building!











November 2, stepping into a dream.

Ginkgo opened the same year I moved permanently to MN (1993), and it has always been a steady and inspiring presence in the folk scene. Welcoming to newer acts who are still a little rough around the edges, their stage has also seen some of the greatest folk legends in the U.S. – and some of my biggest personal heroes. I am praying to do that stage justice on November 2, backed up by Eric Olson and two friends Brooke Murphy and Faith Eskola. Ginkgo is a cosy venue, plenty of snacks and bevvies (though no liquor license so keep that in mind). I’m honored to be included that night.

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Running at the CD release show

Come Sunrise

CD release show

West River came out a while ago but I never gave it a proper welcome, so it’s release time. Really honored to be joined by theJelloslave trio as well as spoken word artist Khary Jackson. Since it’s the day before Valentine’s we’ll be making this an event to remember for the singlers, the co-minglers, the lovers, the haters and everyone in between.

little bitty webs

Over the weekend I went to state park with my dog, feeling rattled for no real reason, but knowing I needed to be out in a quiet field with Forrest. After walking a while I came to a patch of sunlight and my body said this is a good place to sit, so I plunked down. In a semi-daze from all the activity of the week I stared into space, until I noticed something moving straight ahead of me. Swinging between stalks of grass was a very stealthy and speedy  spider. As she knitted in swift arcs, she left behind silver threads of a web in the sunlight. She swung back and forth so gracefully and skillfully, I was dazzled by the whole thing. I watched her for a good while, feeling heartened and sad.

I was heartened by her sincerity hard work, and how lovely it was that this was all planned out, that she would catch her dinner later but for now I was to come along and admire her handiwork. And I was heartened because here she was, doing her thing just because that’s what she was meant to do, and it was simple and good work and she was just about done. I was saddened because it made me think of so many things that are in my direct line of vision that I often miss, just because I’m not looking at it the right way, or because my dog isn’t at my side, or I haven’t taken the time to listen to my body when it wants a patch of sun.

So that is to say, I’ve finished up my CD, and here it is. A lot of times I’ve felt the project was a questionable thing to do, but over the years it’s grown on me, become a companion, leading me along from place to place, out to the coast and back, winding me along a path, connecting me with people I needed to meet – and most precious of all, putting me in the path of two producers whose work and talent I treasure.

Now that it’s done there are two questions I’m always asked about it: What are you going to do with it, and Why did you do it? Both questions evoke an instant deer-in-headlight response, and my assumption has always been that I should have a solid reason, and that there is something flawed in the fact that don’t have one at all. But after seeing the lady in the grass, I felt a little better. I realize I do have a reason: I did it because it’s what I did. It’s what came spinning out of me at a certain time in my life. It felt natural and right, and I’m glad it kept me company for so many years. And when it was done, I stopped. Our work is no more or no less than any creature making her way through an afternoon. And I wish everyone the peace and blessings of your most earnest efforts, and many many miracles in the grass. ~Del

old endings, new beginnings

I’m so happy to be putting the finishing touches on the CD that has involved seven years, four states, two amazing producers, and fourteen musicians. It’s hard to even put into words all the blessings that have come across my path and pulled everything into place.

At every turn I want to thank producers Darren Jackson and Evan Brubaker, two of my favorite people on the planet.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall…my favorite time of year. Spring and summer are nice (winter is in its own category in Minnesota) but Fall is so full of depth – the sense of things coming to a gentle close. Wishing everyone lots of cozy sweaters, apple pies, and bright beautiful colors!